What does Kamea Electronics s.r.o. offer ?


We offer complex solutions from first layout through technological development and design to final realization thanks to projective solutions.

Mechanical production

We carry out mechanical production in our own premises. It relates however only to small parts or parts for production of prototypes.

PLC programming

We also carry out programming of logic automats (PLC). We also have great experiences with programming of single-purpose machines and equipments.

Repairing and service

The company Kamea Electronics s.r.o. also concentrates on repairing, refurbishment, modification and service of all kind of equipments from the area of processing semiconductor components.

Semiconductor wafers

We offer services from the area of processing of semiconductor wafers. We also handle with laboratory assembly of semiconductor components.

Selling of the equipments

Besides customary-built equipments according to requirements we also offer for sale already finished well warehoused used equipments.


Equipments which we offer for sale:

Equipments: soldering machines, evaporators, sputtering machines, handlers, exposition machines, presses, contactin machines

Equipments for Si wafers: automatic testers, dicing saws, processors

OOther equipments complete production lines and conveyors, indexers, kryo-heads + pump, glue dosing devices

Systems: gauging, control

Pumps and accessories: diffusive, oil cleaners for rotary pumps