Kamea Electronics s.r.o.

Address: Nikola Teslu 17, 921 01 Piešťany

GPS position data: 48.591631742, 17.804071734

Telephone: +421/33/796 61 12

Fax: +421/33/796 61 19

IČO: 36269000

VAT: SK2021960512


Function Name Telephone E-mail
Managing Director Ing. Ladislav Kusenda +421 905 725 265 ladislav.kusenda@kamea.sk
Sales Manager Ing. Andrej Šurín +421 905 405 335 kamea@kamea.sk


Where will you find us? (Piešťany)


Where will you find us? (Slovak republic)


KAMEA Electronics s.r.o.

Main scope of slovak company Kamea Electronics is cooperative and customary-built production. On the present our company is oriented besides design engineering and service activities also on delivery of spare parts, delivery of production and measuring equipments according to customer's requirements and also on supporting of research and development activities in educational system and in Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Why just KAMEA?

Our primary principle is:

- Longlife experience in branch

- Qualification

- Reliability

- Flexibility

- High productivity of labour

- Qualified employees

- Keeping of order deadlines

- Quality of delivered orders

- Regular communication with client

- Verified and reliable partners